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Here you can find high quality internet domain names which are available for sale.

Achieving a highly effective web presence has become a key requirement for the majority of businesses and the importance of the internet for marketing both goods and services is now forecast to increase significantly.

A good generic domain name can help you achieve a competitive advantage. This is sometimes known as creating an economic `moat` for your business. 

Use of a extension will also send a message to the searcher that you are a UK based business which will be an important consideration for many UK buyers.

Your site will still need to be competitive in search engine ranking terms, that is in having quality content, backlinks and inbound links. However what we are talking about is raising your search profile and standing out from the crowd.

An on target generic or descriptive domain name can boost a site's search results and can give you a unique profile. It also allows you to achieve a better geographic orientation for buyers.

Importantly, there are also potential customers who will perform a search by entering the domain straight into their live browser and in this case they are certain to find the relevant site. This leads onto one of the ways a generic domain can be used in conjunction with an existing site which is by simply pointing the generic domain at the latter which then acts as an important link delivering potential customers to the existing site.

A generic descriptive domain can be used within you current web strategy to enhance your main site's performance (such as for an air flow cleaning / filtration products specialization) and it can be used for a completely new self contained business with a brand focusing on the domain's generic descriptive content. An example here would be to head up an artificial intelligence academic data base provider. Another example would be for a new company specializing in factory / warehouse conveyor systems.

A full list of the domains for sale can be reached through the site link domains for sale and some special domains may be viewed on the site link special domains. Further marketing ideas on domain use can be viewed on the site link marketing ideas.

If you are interested to acquire the rights to any of the domain names listed then please make contact for availability and purchase price using the details on the contact page.

Terms for sale and transfer of the domains can be viewed through the site link terms.

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